Utility Payments


Powerful Payment Processing Solutions at Save Solutions Csp
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Save Solutions Csp brings to you the convenience of paying all your bills from your desktop! Now you can pay your electricity, mobile, insurance bills online electronically and subscribe to magazines and can contribute to different charities using our online utility bill payment service. The way payment is made to customers is changing. To attract customers, help in the payment process and simplify our work, we are here to fulfill your needs.

Why Use Save Solutions Csp Utility Bill Payment Services?

The Utility Bill Payment service provides you with:
Convenience – You save time to avoid queues to pay utility companies non-visiting pay-desks and your monthly bills. You can check and pay your liability at any time with the help of ou electronic banking.
Payment Plan – Use this service to choose yourself the number of companies on which you will pay your bills. We are working with more than 100 utility companies because you are able to pay for a separate account and/or credit or debit card for each separate service.

Utility bill payment can be done through control:
1. Setting Per Payment Limit.
2. You Can Choose an option between automatic and manual payment mode.
Use of a grace period on payment of credit card – No interest will be charged for payment obligations for 45 days from the date of payment (on full payment of the total amount from recent statement).

Payment within the time limit – We pays your liability every month within the specified time limit, which you have forgotten, avoids the risk of service closure due to unpaid bills.

All the flexibility you need to keep with your customers: –

With us, You get powerful payment solutions for all types of payment and processing environments, make sure that your business, size is well-connected and well-supported. Size fits all payment processing does not work. Every industry has its own unique challenges. No matter what your (cost-effectiveness, customer experience, flexibility, mobility, security) does not matter, we have a payment solution for you.