Industry Overview

Every household consumes various mandatory services like electricity, gas, water, landline, banking, mobile phones, etc. apart from these, households also need services with unrestricted spending like DTH, travel, entertainment, remittance/money transfers, financial services, etc. India, the largest democracy with over 250 million households, is witnessing huge growth within the services trade.

While new services are being introduced, the consumer base of the already offered services is growing at a gentle pace.The process of availing and creating payments for these services is usually inconvenient and long because of the shortage of an efficient and enough service delivery channel. Digital India solution capitalizes on this infinite need, which can still grow because of the under-penetration of the recommended services, growth of the service sector and increase in payment power of the common consumer.

Key Differentiating factors: How are we different from others?

  • Highly experienced and well qualified Board members / Senior leadership team.
  • Unique CSP(Customer service point) embedded collection process which makes the SAVE’s branches 100% cashless.
  • We respect to innate Power of Women, promote Financial Literacy and Skill Development.
  • Paperless operations, except those required statutorily.
  • Well-designed training and capacity building programme for credit users to make them understand group-dynamics and judicious loan utilization.